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Netforce Farms

Netforce Farms

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Company Profile

Netforce Farms was established with the main goal of running a modern farm with impeccable standards and nature-right philosophy. Our produce is carefully grown and managed according to international specifications by experts thus ensuring our consumers are assured of not only affordable prices but also premium quality.

At our Farms, contemporary technology meets traditional agricultural practices. Fresh thinking allows us to harness the power of new, efficient growing technologies, granting our consumers in retail, food service companies and homes, access to safe and fresh produce.

We currently operate in two locations:

Netforce farms Ala, Ijebu in Ogun State which engages in the cultivation of premium Vegetables, Water Melons, Cassava and livestock breeding.

Netforce Farms Egba, Uhunwonde Local Government Area of Edo State which concentrates on the production of Cassava, Maize, Plantain and Oil Palm.

Our highly experienced workforce at both farms continually working with zest, ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained at all times.

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