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Company Profile

FiDENSA is a reputable tax and accountancy firm that is based within the environs of Lagos State. We pride ourselves in providing you with attentive, personal service that is designed to respond intelligently to your issues. We provide high level services which are immediately visible. A combination of our traditional values with forward-thinking, along with our concern for profitability and sustainability of businesses, especially those operating in Nigeria, has endeared our interest in our core service offerings.
We are aware that financial management, tax management, audit and accounting are fundamentals to value creation for stakeholders in any business establishment. On that note, we are fully equipped to offer our expertise in Tax, Audit, Compliance, Business and Financial Advisory, and Company secretarial services for the attainment of your smart business goals.
We are very much interested in using our services to shape business landscapes in Nigeria and those of other developing countries, especially, the Sub-Saharan African countries. We are therefore set out to use our services to add value to our clients’ businesses and leverage our wide and in-depth experience to positively affect different organizations.

Our “can do spirit” is evident in our high client retention rate and a proven result of the level of hard work we put in our performance. We are here to serve your every need and concern.


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