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Company Profile

Pacific Ring West Africa Ltd is an indigenous Nigerian company headquartered in Abuja and managed by a highly experienced and dynamic Board of Directors and management team. Pacific Ring West Africa specializes in the production of healthy 100% veggie, no MSG, no gluten Cassava Chips known as Cassanovas, as well as intercontinental shipment of Cassanovas cassava chips from Abuja to Germany.
The company is the first in the food manufacturing industry to export 100% Nigerian cultivated, processed and packaged cassava chips to Europe. Its entrance into the European market represents a transformative moment in global perception of the quality, taste and international appeal of Nigeria’s produce.

Product Summary and Implementation Strategy
The Scope of the project involved the designing and development of a website that met the clients vision for a purely Customer Centric website. The website was implemented as per the suggestions and requirements of the client. The objective was to provide an easy and convenient user experience, meeting the wants and needs of the business’s customers and prospects. The website was designed with a responsive user interface as many users today prefer to view websites on their smartphones.

Industry Specifics: Food Industry
Cassanova produces high quality chips, all ingredients are grown using only natural and sustainable agricultural methods. The cassava comes from more than 100 smallholdings and farms to consistently produce the best and healthiest snacks. It is ensured that every chip is made from the best cassava root and flavored with the tastiest spices.

For this project we not only created the website but also a simple and attractive design for the pack which would represent the brand. The client was extremely pleased and satisfied with our work.

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