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Company Profile

Founded and registered in 2004, Afonchies Pharmaceutical Limited has experienced steady growth in the community pharmacy sector in Lagos State, Nigeria. It has grown from one community pharmacy to four branches all situated in the Lekki/Ajah axis of Lagos. It is our aim to open more branches in Lagos to provide quality pharmaceutical service and medicines to the community. At Afonchies Pharmaceutical Limited, we understand the importance of the role of medicines to public health hence the need to provide such and good advice to our customers at all times. We are committed to doing this by:

  • Staying through to our origins first as a pharmacy¬†Ensuring that the drugs we sell are properly preserved through the supply chain i.e. stored in a cool environment.

  • Ensuring our stores is kept at a cool temperature always to preserve the efficacy of the drugs for sale.
  • Ensuring that we buy from tried and trusted sources only.
  • Making sure that our staff is well trained and knowledgeable in what we do. We also place a premium on good customer service


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