Adrinika Hoisting Limited

Adrinika Hoisting Limited

Adrinika Hoisting Limited

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Company Profile

We focus on industrial ropes, electrical instrumentation systems and control systems, custom process systems and engineered E&I Packages.

Adinkra Hoisting Company has a wide range of fibre and steel ropes, webbing and rope slings, cargo nets, gangway nets, jack up ladder, vehicle tow ropes and ratchet lashings etc. and supplies associated fittings and lifting equipment in its portfolio.

All our products adhere to both national and international standards, and maintain positive quality assurance and control practices. Since her formation, the company has been providing a wide range of products and services to the oil & gas, mining, fishing, construction and shipping industries.

Adinkra Hoisting Company is in co-operation with certified international manufacturers and constantly reviewing its portfolio and processes to ensure improvements in its range of products.



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